High quality customized high borosilicate glass tube or rod
Hard glass due to linear thermal expansion coefficient of (3.3 0.1)10-6/K, also known as "3.3 borosilicate glass".
It is a special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability. 
It is widely used in solar energy, chemical industry, pharmaceutical packaging, electric light source process jewelry and other industries.
Silica content above 80%, strain temperature 520 C, annealing temperature 560 C, softening temperature 820 C, refractive index 1.47, light transmittance (2 mm) 92%, elastic modulus 76KNMM-2, tensile strength 40-120NMM-20

High borosilicate glass for halogen lamp reflective heat-resistant lamp cup and must use heat-resistant glass electrical equipment, such as microwave oven special glass turntable, microwave oven lamp cover, stage light reflection cup, drum washing machine observation window heat-resistant teapot cup, solar collector tube, etc.

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