Waterbased Acrylic Emulsion
GKB8190 is a non-film forming rigid styryl-acrylic copolymer emulsion specially designed for waterborne varnish and printing inks. The varnish formulated with this product has a fast-drying speed and high gloss, excellent water resistance and anti-sticky back properties, and it has good compatibility with the popular acrylic polymers in the market. Since this product cannot film by itself, it must be used with a suitable film-forming agent or mixed with a film-forming acrylic emulsion with a small particle size, in addition, in relief and gravure inks, this product has a good pigment wetting ability.

Technical index
Item Standard
Solid content % 401
Viscosity at 25oC,cps(Brookfield, LVT No.4,60 RPM ) 800-2500
PH 7.5-8.5
Appearance Translucent liquid with blue light
Density g/L 1.02-1.05
Particle size m 0.10-0.20
Glass transition temperature Tg, oC +110

Technical characteristics
1.Low odor, low VOC
2.High cost performance
3.Hard not film emulsion
4.High gloss, high transparency, anti-adhesion
5.Excellent color distribution, quick drying

1.Varnishes and inks for flexo and gravure
2.High definition inks and temperature resistant inks

Cost-effective Waterbased Acrylic Emulsion: for Ink and OPV
Product code Appearance Solid content% Acid value Viscosity (mPa.s) PH at 25oC MFFT(oC) Tg (oC) Benefits Applications
GKB8190 Translucent milky emulsion 401 76 800-2500 7.5-8.5 >90 +110 Cost-effective
Hard non-film-forming emulsion
Excellent glossiness &transparency, anti-sticking
Excellent color development & fast-drying
Ink & OPV for flexo and gravure High definition ink andtemperature resistant OPV
GKB8177 Translucent milky emulsion 451 55 800-1500 8.0-9.0 >0 +21 Cost-effective film-forming emulsion
Good transparency & anti-sticking
Good water resistance
Ink & OPV for flexo and gravure
UV primer
High definition ink
GKB8127 Translucent milky emulsion 451 50 800-1500 8.0-9.0 >0 +7 Cost-effective film-forming emulsion
Excellent levelling property & anti-adhesion
Water resistance
Good glossiness
High-fastness ink & OPV
Anti-skidding OPV
High definition ink
GKB8134 Translucent milky emulsion 451 53 800-1500 8.0-9.0 >0 0 Cost-effective self-crosslinking film-forming emulsion
Excellent anti-skidding
Excellent anti-sticking
Water resistance
Ink & OPV for flexo and gravure
Anti-skidding OPV
High definition ink
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