Nano Tantalum Carbide 50nm 99.9%

Product Features

Nanometer Tantalum carbide powder is prepared by aerosol ablation method, the powder granularity is uniform, easy to disperse, hard and heavy weight, has high chemical stability and good high temperature performance, strong antioxidant ability, high conductivity. Density 14.5g/cm3, melting point 3875C, boiling point 5500C. Tantalum Carbide Ultrafine powder is an important metal ceramic material, as a TAC, NbC, Cr2C3, VC and other rare metals carbide added to inhibit the growth of alloy grain and improve the structure of tissue, whether it is the production of coarse grains such as mining tools or round rods and other ultra-fine grain alloys, Should choose low particle size of rare metal carbide, because the addition of rare metal carbide is trace, it is only to regulate WC granularity and improve the structure of the role, therefore, it is hoped that the more fine the additive dispersion effect on the line. Especially for the round rod and other ultra-fine grain alloys, if the additive is too thick, but will form an alloy clamp thick, which is of course not appropriate.


Product Name: Nano Tantalum Carbide
Particle Size: 50nm
Purity: 99.9%
Crystal: Subsphaeroidal
Appearance: Brown Powder
Specific Area: 48.161m2/g

Theoretical Density: 14.320g/cm3
Bulk Density: 3.645g/cm3
Melting point: 3600C
Boiling Point: 4200C

Product applications
1 nanometer tantalum carbide, ultra-fine carbide tantalum powder used in powder metallurgy, cutting tools, fine ceramics, chemical vapor deposition, hard wear-resistant alloy additives, improve the toughness of the alloy;As a grain refiner of tungsten carbide,

2 nanometer tantalum carbide and ultrafine carbide tantalum powder can obviously improve the properties of alloy.

Packaging and storage

This product is filled with inert gas plastic bag packaging, sealed in a dry, cool environment, should not be exposed to the air, anti-moisture oxidation reunion, affecting the dispersion of performance and the use of the effect; packaging quantity can be provided according to customer requirements, sub-installation.

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