High active dry yeast for feeding (special for ruminants)

High active dry yeast for feeding (special for ruminants)

Product Usage:

Pull up the stomach power.

Reduce rumen disease and improve feed efficiency

Product Features:

Adapt to rumen environment, high activity

Improve feed utilization and increase milk yield

Prevention and control of rumen recessive acidosis and rumen swelling gas

Product Advantages:

Activity standard: Number of live bacteria 20 billion PCs/g

Source: ruminant Yeast is a natural microbial living bacterium derived from rumen, which is more adaptable to rumen environment.

Technology: The use of deep liquid fermentation process to extract high-purity live bacteria, does not contain any impurities and carriers.

Usage dosage:

Cows: Dry milk: 1-2 kg/ton; lactation: 2 kilograms/ton; growth period: 2-3 kg/ton; mixed evenly in concentrate replenishment.

Beef Cattle/Meat Sheep: 2-3 kg/ton; mix evenly in concentrate replenishment.

Packaging Preservation:

10 kilograms, 500 g/bag x20, vacuum aluminum foil packaging.

Store in a cool and dry place, pay attention to moisture-proof. After unsealing, the yeast will gradually lose its activity and need to run out as soon as possible.

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