IodopropynyI ButylCarbamate£¨IPBC£©
Chemical Name: IodopropynyI ButylCarbamate
CAS No.: 55406-53-6
Molecular Weight: 281.09
Molecular Formula : C8H12NO2I
Quality Index:
white to light yellow solid
Assay: ¡Ý 99.0 £¥
Moisture: ¡Ü 0.2 £¥
Melting Point: 65-68.5 ¦ÏC
Packing: 25KG carton
Use: IPBC is an effective antiseptic mainly used in cosmetics, daily-use chemicals, paints, leathers, plastics, wood, textiles, paper making, ink and adhesives. It has low toxicity and has no irritancy when concentration is ¡Ü 0.1%.
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