Cobalt chloride CAS: 7646-79-9

Product Name: Cobalt chloride
CAS: 7646-79-9

EINECS: 231-589-4

MF: CoCl2.6H2O

MW: 237.93

Co content: 24%min

Density: 1.924g/cm3

Melting point: 86

Form: stable at room temperature, turns blue with heat, cools in moist air and turns red. Easily soluble in water, alcohol, ether, acetone and glycerin. Loss of crystalline water becomes blue powder.

Appearance: Purple-red Single oblique crystal

Package: 25kg/bag or as customer requirements


1, In battery industry, used for the production of four cobalt trioxide, lithium cobalt acid, etc.;

2, In ceramic industry, used as a colorant; the paint industry is used as a paint drying agent;

3, In defence industry, used for the manufacture of gas masks;

4, In brewing industry, used for beer foam stabilizers, chemical reactions as catalysts;

5, In analytical chemistry, used for drip analysis of zinc;

6, haploid breeding, MS and Mr Medium, etc.

7, In addition,  also used in stealth ink, cobalt chloride test paper, discoloration silicone, etc.

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