The pure EGT: the purity is >98.5% 
       L-Ergothioneine(EGT,ERGO,CAS:497-30-3),also known as 1H-Imidazole-4-ethanaminium,a-carboxy-2,3-dihydro-N,N,N-trimethyl-2-thioxo-,inner salt, (aS)-, was initially extracted from ergot by Tanret C in 1909, then it was also discovered in animal blood. Pure EGT is white crystal, soluble in water, (dissolved 0.9mol/L at room temperature). Autoxidation cannot occur at physiological pH value and in strong alkaline solution.


 EGT is a natural chiral amino-acid antioxidant biosynthesized in certain bacteria and fungi. It is an important bioactive compound which has been used as a radical scavenger, an ultraviolet ray filter, a regulator of oxidation-reduction reactions and cellular bioenergetics, and a physiological cytoprotector, etc.

 Globally, there are three methods for ergothioneine preparation- chemical synthesis, natural bio-extraction and biosynthesis.The joint lab co-established by our lab obtains ergothioneine fermentation liquor by submerged fermentation with edible fungi.The technology has now taken the leading position globally and filled in the gaps both internationally and domestically, and obtained 10 patents including 3 patents in PCT.

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