Alpha Methyl styrene CAS No.: 98-83-9

CAS No.    98-83-9

Molecular formula:  C9H10

Molecular weight:  118.18

Chemical structure:


Purity:                                                 99.2%

Total Buty Benzens,wt%:                     0.35

Content of Polymers, %:                    0.0015

4-tert-Butylcatechol (TBC), ppm:           8-15

Properties: Colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid , no mechanical impurities,no free water

Application:  an important crosslinker as modifier and reformer in producing polystyrene, unsaturated polyesters, ABS and other resins. It can improve the performances of the resins, such as resistance to heat, impact and sustain its strengthness and stability.

Package : 180 kg net galvanized drum, 720 kg net  (4 drums) per pallet and 14.4 Mt net per 20 container.

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