Surfactin, sodium salt CAS NO.: 302933-83-1


 The structure is a c12-17 fatty acid is formed by ¶¬-hydroxy and carboxyl groups and 7 peptide L-gln/glu, L-leu, D-leu, L-val, L-ASP/ASN, D-leu, L-leu/ile/val, and the amino acid configuration is LLDLLDL. Mainly include surfactin (surfactant), Esperin, Lichenysin. Extensive research is surfactin, by B. Sutbilis, B. Pumilis produced, amino acid order for Glu, Leu, Leu, Val, ASP, Leu, Leu, due to the good nature of surfactants, has been the production of industrial fermentation. A kind of ring peptide synthesized by Bacillus subtilis has the function of bactericidal and good surfactant. Widely used in the food industry, environmental industry as a good biological compatibility of surfactants.


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