Ion Exchange Resin Type: 201X4 CL (0.315-1.25mm)

Product Name: Ion Exchange Resin              

Type: 201X4 CL (0.315-1.25mm)

Grade Standard:    Industrial Grade

Appearance: light yellow granular solid

Packaging:  25kg/bag 

Delivery Time: about 30 days after order confirmation


Product Name: Ion Exchange Resin 201x4


1.0  Applicable Standard of Product: HG2163-91,DL519-93

2.0  Indexes of Physical and Chemical Properties:                         


201 x 4

Total Exchange Capacity meq/g

3.7 min

Volume Exchange Capacity meq/ml

1.20 min

Water Retention %


Bulk Density g/ml


Specific Density g/ml


Particle Size %

(0.315-1.25 mm)95

Effect Size mm


Homogeneous Coefficient

1.6 max

Roundness after Wearing %

90 min


light yellow

Ionic Form Supplied:


3.0  Reference Indexes for Operation:

3.01 PH Range: 1-14

3.02 Max. Operating Temp (℃): OH-≤40℃ Cl-≤60℃

3.03 Total Reversible Swelling %: (Cl- -OH- ) ≤30

3.04 Working Exchange Capacity : 25℃≥ 450meq/l (wet)

3.05 Concentration of Regenerate Solution : NaOH: 4 %

3.06 Consumption of Regenerate: 4%NaOH Vol.: Resin Vol. = 2-3:1

3.07 Flow Rate of Regenerate Solution : 4-6(m/hr)

3.08 Regenerate Contact time : 30-60(minute)

3.09 Rinse Flow Rate: 15-25 (m/hr)

3.10 Rinse Time (minute): 25 (Approx.)

3.11 Operating Flow Rate: 15-25 (m/hr)

4.0 Application:

   This product is mainly used for preparing pure and high purity water,

water demineralizing equipment. Water deionization through Mixed Bed

in combination with strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin.

5.0 International Equivalents:

Amberlite IRA-402 (American)   Dowex SBR-P (German)

Purolite A-400 (England)

6.0 Packing:

Each PE lined with plastic bag, net weight: 20 KG or 25L

The goods are of Chinese origin.


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