Cs2WO4 Nano cesium tungstate IR Blocking Material

CAS NO.: 13587-19-4



Other Name£ºcesium tungstate£¬Cesium tungsten oxide (Cs2WO4); Cesium tungstate; Dicesium tungsten tetraoxide; dicesium; oxygen(-2) anion; tungsten; dicaesium dioxido(dioxo)tungsten

Our nano-tungsten tungstate powder is a very good near-infrared absorption of inorganic nanomaterials, particle uniformity, good dispersion. Infrared absorption at 950nm can reach more than 90%, while the visible light transmittance at 550nm is over 70%. 

Technical details:

Appearance: Dark Blue Power

Purity: 99.99%min

Particle Size: <25nm

Specific Area£º50-70 m2/g


1. Transparent heat insulation coating, membrane;

2. Thermal fiber, textile fiber and other high-performance insulation media; 

3. Transparent insulating window film, building coating and others

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