m-Cresol (3-Methylphenol) CAS NO.:108-39-4
Product name: m-Cresol(3-Methylphenol)
Alias: Meta-Cresol; m-methylphenol; Hydroxy-3-methylbenzene; 3-Cresol; 3-methyl-Phenol; 1-hydroxy-3-methylbenzene
English name: 3-methylphenol
CAS No.: 108-39-4
Molecular formula: C7H8O
Molecular weight: 108.13
Cbaracters: Colorless transparent liquid with aroma, and slightly soluble in water and soluble in alcohol and others.Melting point10.9, relative density(water=1)1.03, boiling point202.8, flash point: 86, saturated vapour pressure0.13 kPa (52)
Risk term: R24/25/35
Safety term: S36/37/39/45
Main use: used as pesticide intermediate to produce insecticide and others.
Packing: 200kg/drum (galvanization iron)
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