Vitamin B2

Product Name: Riboflavin / Vitamin B2 / Riboflavine

CAS No.: 83-88-5

Molecular Formula: C17H20N4O6

Molecular Weight: 376.36

Characteristics: Yellow or orange yellow crystalline powder; smells slightly bitter; Slightly dissolves in water, not dissolve in ether, alcohol and chloroform, with the melting point of 281∽290℃.

Application: Riboflavin is the essential necessity for organism in normal living as the nutriment for infant, pregnant woman nursing mother, patient after illness and the aged. It, involve , participates in the metabolishm of carbonhydrate, protein and fat, and is the major composition of flavorprotein, the transferring enzyme system of hydrogen, In clinical practice, it is applicable to perleche, glossitis, ophthalmitis, conjunctivitis, ceborrhea, scrotum inflammations with proper effect ,In food and feed industry, it is widely used as food and feed additives


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