UV Cured Insulating Ink

GW UV-601 Ink
(UV Cured Insulating Ink)


On the touch switches and other circuits printing, highly insulating coating is essential.
GW UV-601 ink is very suitable for the above purposes. It is one-component UV-type insulation ink (IN) and an insulating barrier ink (INS) printed on PET materials.


· It has very good insulating properties(Resistance value1013Ω+)。

· Is is one-component UV cured insulation ink, having rapid curability.

· It has excellent adhesion and flexibility.

· It has  good flatness, it is difficult to happen bubble phenomenon after printing.

· Less impact on the silver circuit,will not increase the resistance of the silver circuit.

· Printing stability, reproducibility and other printing excellent workability.

· Very small skin irritation, high stability.


GW UV-601

 Printed circuit insulating coating on the PET film. Also can be used in Cross circuit (jumper).

 As an insulating coating on the barrier. Flexible, but please avoid printing on the place requires a high degree bent.


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